Our Beginning

David and I met in the year of 1997. We were both attending LDS Business College in downtown Salt Lake City. He was going into computer science and I was going into office administration so we didn't have any similar classes. One of my roommates was also going into computer science and when I needed a ride home for Thanksgiving she introduced me to this nice guy in her computer class who grew up 45 minutes from my home town and was willing to give me a ride home.
On the evening we were to leave I was really quite nervous to ride with a stranger for 2.5 hours but he came prepared. When I got into the car he handed me a huge photo album and proceeded to tell me that he had served and LDS Mission to the Czech Republic and this was the album documenting his two years of service. I was thankful that this would take away that awkward silence between strangers. I looked over the pictures and asked questions all the way home. 
After out initial meeting we continued to see each other on a friend only basis. We went on walks all the time we ate dinner together quite often. It was generally 3 of us David & I and the friend who introduced us Wendy. Sometime along the line I broke up with my previous high school boyfriend and started dating David's roommate. That didn't last very long since we were both looking for different kinds of a relationship and as I was expressing my frustrations one cold February night to David as we walked up and down the Salt Lake City Avenues he very forwardly said "why don't you dump Matt and date me?" I couldn't see anything wrong with that although I had really only saw David as a good friend I thought it might be a good idea, so I said OK. But being nervous about the repercussions of roommate hopping I told David he had to tell Matt, I know that was low but he agreed so I was happy. 
On March 22nd 1998 David asked me to marry him. It wasn't the proposal he had imagined but he proposed all the same. Then on June 5th 1998 we were married in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple for time and all eternity. 
Since that day we have welcomed 5 beautiful children into our family, 3 girls first Katie, Madison & Jenna and then 2 boys Isaac & Gabriel. Then on July 12th 2010 we had to say goodbye to our sweet Gabriel as it was time for him to return to our Father In Heaven for a mission of great importance I imagine. We miss him greatly but are continually reminded that we have an eternal family and we will cuddle him in our arms again one day. 


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  1. Hello-

    I'd first like to give you my deepest sympathies - I read your story and my heart broke. I am truly sad you had to experience this but thank you for sharing your story.

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