Monday, January 5, 2015

New Christmas Decor

December 4th – 8th 2014

This year when we came home from Thanksgiving we came with 12 sets of White Silhouette Christmas Décor that Colleen has been collecting for years. I’ve always love it and this year she told me to take a lot of it home with me. I was excited to get it up and displayed in my home and I receive many compliments on how pretty it is. Thank you Mom Saville!!

Also new to our Décor this year is a 9FT pre lite tree. David and I drug our feet a little because we couldn’t find a tree we liked with pre-lit colored lights but when it came down to getting our old tree put up David said I’m not doing lights again this year lets go get a tree. We found a really pretty one at Hobby Lobby and it was 1/2 off. It does have all white lights but I really ended up liking it when it was all decorated.

The little tree was in the front room and we put the books donated for the book drive under it until we took it down.

Christmas Decor (1)Christmas Decor (2)Christmas Decor (3)Christmas Decor (4)Christmas Decor (5)IMG_4401Christmas Decor (21)

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  1. I have a prelit tree all white lights. Added a few strings of colored lights to it and think it's my favorite tree ever.