Thursday, January 8, 2015

Madison Turned 13…

On 12/13/14 Madison turned 13. She said it was her golden Birthday, silly girl. She had a party and invited some friends over. She had Azulle, Krissie, Alyssa & Abbie from Idaho here. They had a lot of fun. She requested an Ice Cream Cake this year and so we call Coldstone to help. That cake was delicious and I may ask for one for my Birthday in April. She got some clothes and a new Music Stand and a few other things. In the next week after her Birthday she went and upgraded her Violin Bow to the next one up. She was so excited about her new bow and it does sound fabulous. Also for her Birthday she chose to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with mom and dad.


What a beautiful teen she is becoming.

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