Monday, January 5, 2015

Huge Photo with Captions Post Part 2

October 8th..
This was Isaac FIRST Pinewood Derby. He and David made his car and he had a blast. He was so happy when his car came 1st anytime down the track even though he didn’t win.


You can’t see him in the last picture but he’s holding up his car to show it off for his award. I believe he was awarded the Best Super Hero Car. And yes that’s me in my fantastic scout shirt. hahaha

October 11th
We retired our washer and dryer and got a new set. I have never been so excited to do laundry.

Halloween 2014… David and I won the costume contest at the neighbors which was cool and almost made all the long nights put into sewing my steam punk costume worth it. I will wear it again at the 2015 ComicCon and then it’ll be worth it completely.  I really hat these pictures they make my face & body so dang square. Isaac was Star Lord from Guardian’s of the Galaxy, Jenna was Black Widow, Katie was a Bearded lady, Madison was Korra from The Avatar Cartoon and David was Altair from Assassin’s Creed.

IMG_4150IMG_4153 IMG_4205IMG_4209IMG_4212IMG_4216IMG_4219IMG_4220IMG_4223IMG_4230IMG_4235IMG_4237 IMG_4188IMG_4192IMG_4193IMG_4194IMG_4195IMG_4197IMG_4198

David’s Costume was so awesome he was invited to a young mans 10th Birthday Party on Oct. 29th as a special guest since it was and Assassins Creed Party.


Jenna got a new haircut on November 4th. She definitely loves the short and sassy cuts..


On November 13th David Canned Pickled Peppers and the Van topped 100,000 miles.


Can’t believe how busy our life has gotten that I never have time to blog anymore. This finishes up my photo posts. Now for a couple more Birthday posts and all the end of the year holiday posts, then I’ll be caught up for a bit. Yay!!

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  1. I loved seeing you in your/ mine fantastic scout shirt. That shirt has many fun memories for me. It warms my heart to see you wereing it and my webelos scarf. It makes me smile.