Monday, January 5, 2015

Huge Photo with Captions Post Part 1

Family Pictures August 20th 2014 We went to the Bonneville Salt Flats for picture but it was flooded so it looks like a lake. Still they turned out pretty. And David made a cute stool to use for a prop.

IMG_9109IMG_9107IMG_9299IMG_9174IMG_9182IMG_9045IMG_9296IMG_9145IMG_9304IMG_9209IMG_9223IMG_9250IMG_9256eIMG_9258IMG_9317Stool (14) The Stool on the top right was $50 at Hobby Lobby and David said he could probably get close to that. I think he did fantastic.

A beautiful Rainbow on Aug 20th..


Egley Family Campout Sept 11th 2014 We went up Willow Flats above Preston Idaho area. Chet got really stuck in the mud and we did some family pictures. It was a fun weekend.



Next is Jenna’s Birthday but that deserves it’s own post. Then we’ll continue the Huge Photo with Captions Post….

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