Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Today is our sweet Gabie’s 6th Birthday. David and I both took the day off. We stayed home together and built a Lego “G” for his Birthday Cake. It was harder than we thought it would be to get it looking right. But in the end I think it turned out OK.

When the kids got home we took the remaining wish lanterns from last year down to the lake to try releasing them again. Last year it was just so cold and we couldn’t get them to go very well. We did 3 last year and still had 7 left. We got 4 up very high in the sky. We had one go up and come down on the icy lake and then it went up again for a little while. The last one we sent fell on the lake too soon because the wind caught it and pushed it down and it got wet so it didn’t go up again. We have 1 left and I’m not sure if we’ll get it sent up or not. I feel so good that we got at least 4 sent up into the sky. They were beautiful against the mountains.

We also released some very bright beautiful balloons with some simple love notes on them, and we then headed home. We grabbed some Pizza and came home to eat. When we were done with dinner we labeled all the books that we have here and sorted them into categories. We are still waiting for the scholastic order to arrive then we’ll have all our books. We’ll get them sorted into boxes for the Hospitals and get a final count.

We invited the Bastian Family over for some cake and we had fun visiting with them. We still have a lot of cake so if you want some stop by tomorrow and please enjoy. We did make pound cake this year and the white pound cake from the boughten box was fluffier and pretty good. The Chocolate pound cake we made is also good but it’s kinda dry. I don’t know if I’ll do that again in such small squares.

Overall the day has been really good. I haven’t been too emotional. I’ve focused on celebrating the fact that Gabriel was born today and got to be with our family no matter how short the time. What a great blessing it is to be his mother and have been able to have him here with us for a little while. Won’t it be wonderful when we get to celebrate his birthday with him again.

Happy Birthday Gabriel! Mommy Loves and Misses You!


Oh and a couple weeks ago I put together a new floral arrangement for his headstone to go there on his birthday. My sweet mom took those down today and sent us a picture. I love it when we can brighten up such a sad location.


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