Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hobby Lobby Step Stool

We were at Hobby Lobby looking for props for our Family pictures and I found a Stool that I really liked. Of course when I looked at the price it said $69.99 and it wasn’t on sale. So I asked David if he thought he could make it. He said he could try. Here is the Hobby Lobby Stool:

Stool (1)Stool (3)Stool (4)

Then here is is my sweet husband making my stool. We had to buy a pocket hole kit but we can use that over and over. The actual stool only cost about $15 for the wood and stain.

Stool (5)Stool (7)Stool (8)Stool (10)Stool (11)Stool (13)

Didn’t my sweetheart do a fantastic job!! Watch for this cute little stool in our upcoming family pictures.

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