Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th 2014

July 4th this year was very low key for us. Since Katie, Madison and I just got back from Girls Camp the night before we were still pretty tired. So to take the day easy David and I decided to take the kids to the new Transformers Movie. The movie was 3 hours long and was OK. Then we came home and grilled steaks and hamburgers made a salad and had a great dinner. When it started to get dark we went next door with some Lemon Bars I had made and sat on their grass to watch fireworks across the valley. After being there for 10 or 15 minutes Abbie’s (our neighbor) sister said that her neighbor has spent over $500 on fireworks and we should go watch them light them. So we followed them to her house and watched her neighbors fireworks. Their fireworks were awesome, huge and really close. We may go there again next year if we don’t head up to Idaho.After that we went to Talon’s Cove Golf Course to try and watch the Stadium of Fire’s show but BYU’s Stadium was still too far away for those to keep anyone’s interest so we headed home. Overall it was a very relaxing nice day.


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