Tuesday, July 8, 2014

David’s 39th Birthday!!

Yesterday was David’s 39th Birthday. He and I both took work off so we could all spend the day together. We planned to get up early and go on a hike then play the rest of the day by ear. So that’s exactly what we did. We got up at 6:00AM and left in time start our hike as early as we could get there. I believe we ended up starting around 8AM. We decided to go hike to Stewart Falls which is in the National Forest off of the Alpine Loop just north of Sundance. The hike is 4 miles out and back. First you go up then down to the Falls then the same in reverse on the way out. We started early enough it was perfect weather all the way in. Then we got some fun pictures at the falls. David also got some pretty pictures on the hike to the falls as well. We sat at the falls and ate a croissant and some cheese then David of course did his traditional head dunk and the kids followed suit, but none of them were brave enough to go straight into the waterfall like their dad. I took the pictures and that was enough for me, lol. Then we hiked back out. The hike out was much warmer and seemed longer to me. I felt so bad for the hikers we passed that were just starting at noon and didn’t have any water that I could see.

After our hike we were all exhausted and filthy so we headed home and drove the rest of the way through the beautiful Alpine loop towards home. On the way we stopped and found the tree that we carved “GABE” into last fall and took a pic of how it had changed.

When we got home we all showered, David took a little nap and I did hair. Then we decided on what I was going to make David for dinner and made a shopping list. We first headed to Costco to get a very large chocolate cake for him and a few other things. Then we went to Swig and all got a delicious drink. Then we went to Smiths and bought a few small things and some Dry Ice. When we got home I got the Chicken Marinating for David’s Tequila Lime Chicken (his favorite birthday dinner made by me). He’s never made this meal he always saves it for a request on a special occasion. So I cooked dinner last night and he loved it!! So did the kids, I think they were surprised that their mom who doesn’t usually cook because she doesn’t like to can actually cook.  We had dinner and finished a James Bond movie we had started too late on Sunday and then had Cake and opened one gift. David got a new Camp Chair on Saturday that I didn’t get a picture of then last night he opened a new apron that says “Grill Daddy”. He has two more gifts coming but they won’t be here until tomorrow since I didn’t get them ordered soon enough. I hope he likes them I’ll post a pic of them when they’ve been opened.  All in all I think it was a great day I hope David agrees.



We attempted to make homemade root beer but bought the wrong flavoring so we will have to try that again.

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