Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We started our backyard this summer. It has been quit the project. We started with trenching and laying sprinkler pipes. With help from our neighbor who is a landscaper.

Backyard (1)Backyard (2)

Then we started raking all the rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and more rocks……

Backyard (3)Backyard (4) Backyard (5)Backyard (6)

Then we had to haul the rocks away and bring in the top soil. David drove the bobcat for a lot of the day and then our neighbor for the rest of the day. We had a little hiccup with the bobcat that the guys fixed. Then the rest of the day went smoothly until we tried to load the bobcat into the dump trailer. That was scary the trailer didn’t have a lock for the dumping mechanism so when the weight of the bobcat was on the back of the trailer the trailer then popped up. The first time the trailer was on an incline so the bobcat couldn’t go up because it was too steep. So we moved the truck and trailer facing downhill. Then when we went to load it the truck and trailer started sliding down the road towards the parked cars. It was very intense and we were so worried for our neighbor Ty who was helpless sitting in the bobcat in the back of the trailer. But once the trailer slid off of the leftover topsoil and hit pavement it stopped on its own. We were all so very very thankful for a safe ending to a very long very exhausting and dangerous day.

David driving the Bobcat..

Backyard (13)

The beautiful view from where we dumped all our unwanted rocks..

Backyard (14)

My filthy, filthy husband at the end of the day…

Backyard (15)

Next we worked on the Garden boxes and the stairs and finally we raked and raked our topsoil until it is now ready for sod.

Backyard (8) Backyard (9)Backyard (10) Backyard (16)Backyard (17) Backyard (18)

We’ve discovered that after a long day of work the best thing is a drink from Swig, our new favorite…

Look Forward to Pictures of Green Green Grass next!

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