Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Salt Lake City Comic Con

We gave David tickets to the Salt Lake City Comic Con for Christmas so the weekend of April 17th we went to all 3 days of Comic Con. We had a lot of fun. Since I’m so far behind on blogging this post will be a photo post mostly. The highlight was going to a Panel with Nathan Fillion and then getting a family picture with him. We loved all the other Panels we went to as well we saw James Marsters, Jonathan Frakes, a Wheel of Time Panel, Brandon Sanderson & Brandon Mull, Karl Urban(Second Favorite), Studio C and the Costume Contest that David and Sarah entered (not the Cosplay one).

Comic.Con.Thursday (1)Comic.Con.Thursday (2)

Comic.Con.Thursday (6)Comic.Con.Thursday (7)

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Madison (Leia) and storm troopers

SLComiccon.2014 (31)

SLComiccon.2014 (32)SLComiccon.2014 (34)

Isaac and Spartans!

SLComiccon.2014 (35)SLComiccon.2014 (38)SLComiccon.2014 (40)SLComiccon.2014 (41)SLComiccon.2014 (43)SLComiccon.2014 (44)SLComiccon.2014 (46)SLComiccon.2014 (49)SLComiccon.2014 (50)SLComiccon.2014 (51)

Our New Family Photo! With Nathan Fillion. We waited on a very hard concrete floor with hundreds of other people for 3 hours to get this picture. We spent about 10 seconds with Nathan and besides Nathan saying "hello" and "boy there's a lot of you" nothing else was said. David said all our family pictures should be that fast because it turned out great! No crazy smiles or closed eyes or anything. LOL

SLComiccon.2014 (39)

A blip of shoulder angel moving between people. loved watching @studioctv

SLComiccon.2014 (6) SLComiccon.2014 (15)

SLComiccon.2014 (5) SLComiccon.2014 (11)

I brought my Heat Wave book and told Nathan how much I'd love to have it signed (but earlier I was told I wasn't allowed to specifically asked for an autograph), so it didn't get signed. Then I asked if he had any involvement in the book. He said no he didn't but when they were filming the big book release his agent came and pulled him away and took him to talk to the author of Heat Wave. The author told Nathan that this is the first of his books to make it on New York Bestsellers List and it had Nathan's character name and photo on it. And Nathan said "Yep".

A little blip. David didn't get to finish recording because the ushers told him to stop but it was fun to have that opportunity

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