Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mother’s Day

My family spoiled me for Mother’s Day this year….
David started early with Roses and a Symphony Bar on Friday when I got home from work. On Saturday he showed me the Family Tree I had bought a year ago and still hadn’t gotten the pictures put up yet. He got all the pictures printed and hung up for me. Also on Saturday we went to Cabela’s and bought some new sleeping bags and a new sleeping pad. This wasn’t just for me but I did instigate it. Sunday I woke up to Jenny Oaks Baker playing Classic Rock Music and cards galore from my sweet kids along with a new Willow Tree Figure for my small collection. Then my sweetheart made me a delicious dinner and my kids made me Chocolate cake.

All in all a fantastic day/weekend!!

Mothers Day (1)Mothers Day (2) Mothers Day (3)

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