Monday, June 23, 2014

Laying Sod

This weekend was a busy one. Madison, Isaac and I went for Madison and Isaac’s last swimming lesson at 8 AM. When we were done at 9AM we went to Home Depot then headed home. We hurried and Isaac changed his clothes and we went to his Baseball game. Poor boy was tired from swimming so he wasn’t too excited to play Baseball. But he played Catcher for the first time and he hit a ball that got him to 2nd base. He did really well. In the meantime the Sod truck had arrived and they had started unloading and laying the sod. Joanna and I were chomping at the bit to get back to help with the sod. When the game was over we headed back home our backyard was already done except for filling in some small spaces. So I helped to unload sod for the Tew’s backyard then helped David to fill in the empty spots. I love how the new sod looks. It’s so nice to see green our our back windows.


Isaac Catcher (2)Isaac Catcher (4)

Laying Sod (1)Laying Sod (6)Laying Sod (9)Laying Sod (11)Laying Sod (14)Laying Sod (16)

The Tew’s Backyard

Laying Sod (19)Laying Sod (22)Laying Sod (24)Laying Sod (26)

From my deck ours and the Tew’s yards.

Laying Sod (29)Laying Sod (34)Laying Sod (35)

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