Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I’ve been dying for spring to get here so as soon as April hit I changed our holiday décor to Easter Eggs made from Embroidery Floss and Fabric Stiffener.

embroidery.eggs (1)embroidery.eggs (2)embroidery.eggs (3)embroidery.eggs (4)embroidery.eggs (5)

Then I made a wreath for our front door.

Wreath (1)

Today is actually my 35th Birthday and the first one in a long time when it hasn’t rained or snowed. The kids decorated the house for me and have been giving me hugs all day long. Madison & Jenna gave me cute cards and Jenna gave me coupons. Gary and Colleen gave me a card and $10. I’ve got several Birthday wishes from friends and family on Facebook and had a few calls. It’s been a pretty slow day, which is nice considering I’m usually running like crazy. David is working from home tomorrow and I have Thursday and Friday off since it’s Spring Break for the kids so I guess we’ll have a cheesecake and hang out together. Then on Saturday we’ll head to Idaho for Wyatt’s Blessing on Sunday.

From the Baggett Family…

Amy.Birthday (4)

Doterra From Michelle Bastian…. New Purse from Me…

Amy.Birthday (5)Amy.Birthday (6)

Cheesecake from David!

amys.cake (1)

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