Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Isaac’s Baptism

On May 29th Isaac was Baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a great day. We had all the Egley’s come and all the Saville’s that live within driving distance. Isaac was baptized with 10 other kids from our Stake. The program was short and simple an opening song “When I am Baptized” a prayer by Karen Staker and Katie gave a talk about Baptism and The Holy Ghost. Then Bishop Martin and President Hilton gave remarks. David performed the Baptism and Grandpa Egley and Grandpa Saville were his witnesses. Then David gave the gift of The Holy Ghost blessing and all the worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holders in the Family stood in. It was a great blessing.

isaac temple 007 
isaac temple 008

isaac temple 027 
Isaac's Baptism (2) Isaac's Baptism (3)

Isaac's Baptism (7)
Isaac's Baptism (9)

This next picture is supposed to be everyone pulling Isaac’s “picture face” but Isaac decided to pull a different face. Goof Ball…

Isaac's Baptism (11)

Then everyone came back to the house for Hawaiian Haystacks. Our unfinished basement worked well to set up tables and chairs and feed everyone. Gary and Colleen and Steven and Kayla’s family came Friday and stayed through Sunday. It was great to have them all here and visit and have some fun with them.



After the dinner we went with Steven and Kayla and Grandma and Grandpa Saville to Ikea. Katie and Bailey came too. Bailey was so dang cute. She said she needed this sheep skin. Shortly after we took this picture she got a second one to use as a blanket. Bailey (2)

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