Thursday, April 3, 2014


We took Goliath to the Vet a week ago to get his vaccinations so we could finally license him here in Utah. 2 years ago when we took him to the Vet because he had quit eating the Dr. told us that he had a mass the size of a soccer ball in his belly. He told us that he would probably only live a week or two longer. Well obviously he has out lived that diagnosis. When the Dr. felt for the mass this last visit he said it was now only the size of and orange. So not only is he still alive 2 years later but the mass is shrinking. My kids told the Vet Tech that Goliath is immortal and I really think they may believe it. He seems very healthy and may be with us for a lot longer. I’d like to not need to plan our patio/yard around his dog run but I guess for now that will be the plan.


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