Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wyatt’s Shower and Book Delivery

This last Friday (2/21/14) we headed to Idaho for two specific reasons. They both were equally important to us and there was a bonus reason as well. 1. Jared and Christie were expecting a baby boy and there was as baby shower on Saturday at 2pm in Lava. 2. We had 126 new books to deliver to Portnuef Medical Center. The Bonus is that Saturday was Melinda’s 45th Birthday and we got to celebrate with her.

So on Friday we drove straight to the Hospital and met with Anita Heany. A few days earlier when I had talked to Anita she had told me that the Hospital had a new policy that they could only accept new books. So maybe we should just wait until next year so we could prepare for that. Hearing that about crushed me. Since Gabriel was at Portnuef when he passed away and we have a relationship with those amazing nurses, that’s the most important place for me to donate books. So I sorted through all 500+ books again and found all the new books that had been donated(we actually had a lot this year). I found 126 new books to take to Pocatello. So anyway we met with Anita and visited a little bit took a few pictures, gave her several hugs and left the books in her hands. It always brings me so much joy to drop those books off. And they were so excited to accept them and so excited to give the books to just the right kids.

Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (1)Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (4)Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (5)

Then we headed to Gary and Colleen’s unloaded the car and then the girls and I went to Melinda and Richard’s to get all our hair trimmed. We hurried there then went to Smiths and bought all the makings for Fruit Pizza. We then went back to Gary & Colleen’s where Ben and Sam were waiting with David for us to all play Dungeon’s and Dragons. Oh and on the way there we dropped Madison off at her best friends house, Abby Mortimer. We played D&D until 2AM. Yes, I’m too old for that and we were so tired. Madison got home around 12 and had a great time with Abby. D&D was fun and David did a good job being the Dungeon Master.

D&D2.21.14 (1)D&D2.21.14 (5)D&D2.21.14 (6)D&D2.21.14 (7)D&D2.21.14 (8)D&D2.21.14 (9)

I got up on Saturday morning to a phone call from my mom at 7:30. She told me that Christie’s water had broke and they were headed to the hospital. So prepare my fruit pizza but wait to go to Lava because the Shower would probably be cancelled. I got my fruit pizza ready then we spent most of the morning waiting for news. We headed up to the hospital around noon to visit with Jared and Christie. Things were very slow moving but they weren’t going home so the shower was cancelled. Then we went back to Gary and Colleen’s and waited with no new news so we went to Richard and Melinda’s. We had a great dinner there and great dessert too. Then we played Small World and a game called 5 Second Rule. It was a lot of fun! I called Jared one more time and still not much progress for Christie and the Baby. So we went to bed and hoped there would be a baby in the morning.

Sunday morning came and still no baby. We stayed at Gary and Colleen’s until about noon then went to the hospital. We visited with Jared, Christie, Brittany(Christie’s Sister) & Danielle (Christie’s mom). For about 1.5 hours then we said our goodbyes and headed home. About 30 minutes after we left we got a text that said she was only a 6.5cm dilated and still little progress. We assumed by the time we got home baby Wyatt would be here. But we got all the way home and still no baby. At around 8:30 my mom called and said Christie was going in for a c-section. Jared and Christie were both very nervous but Ben and Dr. Cox gave her a blessing and things felt better there from what I was told. She went in and within 15 minutes Baby Wyatt James was born. He was 6lbs 11oz and 19” long. He was twisted inside of his mama so he was bruised and pretty beat up but was healthy and didn’t have to go into the NICU. His Birthday now February 23rd 2014.

Wyatt.James (1)Wyatt James (3)Wyatt.James (4)

So the weekend was a busy and slow weekend all together but it was a fabulous weekend! The kids even got in some tree climbing!

climbing G&G's Tree (5)

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