Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Triggers Memories

So today I was picking up some cute odds and ends for my kids and sweetheart for Valentines Day. As I shopped I crossed paths with a few elderly ladies. Each one I notices was alone and slowly moving through the store. (Now as I write this I realize it would’ve been kind of me to ask them if they needed any help). Each lady did seem to look in her element and just picking up a couple things. The last lady I saw as I was checking out. She was sitting on one of those benches in the front of the store. I just glanced at her and really the first thing I noticed was that her clothes didn’t really match very well. Not judging at all but she had that look of “old person”. OK I know that doesn’t sound nice either, grr. but you know the look I mean. Moving On… At that moment I had a brief memory pop up of my mom and I taking my Grandma Easter shopping. It wasn’t one specific memory it was just a memory of several times we took Grandma out.

We took Grandma out several times to buy odd and ends for her Grandchildren and Children. She always wanted to have a small gift for every little holiday. But what struck me today is that whenever we took Grandma out she always had on her nice clothes and her pink lipstick and blush. I don’t remember taking her very often without her dressing up a little and looking nice. I think sometimes as people grow older it takes more time to get ready than it’s worth. I know I feel that way quite often and I don’t think I’m considered an older lady yet. But anyway I just remembered how she always looked nice and that never occurred to me much before. I should’ve complimented her on her looks more often. Love that lady and I love it when a random, good memory comes to the surface even if I can’t express it very well. LOL…

Madison and Great Grandma Easter 2002

great grandma easter and maddie 2great grandma easter and maddie

At Jared’s Court of Honor in 2003
Grandma Easter @ court of honor

At Jared’s High School Graduation in 2003.

Jared's Graduation 4

4 Generation Picture with Jenna.

'03 newborn jenna (40)

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  1. Thank you sweet daughter for those sweet memories. your right mom always wanted to look nice. And she loved loved those babys. and Oh man Madison was a cute chunky baby. LOL.