Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentine’s Day David told me a week before not to make any plans because we had to leave the house at 4pm. Madison was going to babysit for the Manino’s at 4:30, so we kept Katie at home to watch Jenna and Isaac. I was very curious what he had in store. I had been giving him a hard time about last minute gifts he usually picks up on his way home for Valentines Day. I like to think that I usually try to put some thought to my gifts. Anyway he was excited to surprise me and I love being surprised so I was excited as well.

So I picked up some gifts for David and the kids and wrote a special card to each of them. I got Katie and Madison large Dove Milk Chocolate Hearts, I got Jenna a huge Hershey Kiss and Isaac a large Resse’s Heart. Then I got David a Costco size container of Cashews, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks and some Dungeon’s and Dragon’s Figures to paint. He’s been painting figures like crazy since just before Christmas. He’s really enjoying it.

On Valentines I went to work and the kids went to school. I let the kids open their gifts before school and David too. When I got home I watched David play Assassin’s Creed for a while then got ready to go. I was concerned about what I should wear. He said it was a fancy place but I didn’t need to wear a dress. I was so worried about being over or under dressed. It turned out I was just right. There were some dressed more casual than me and some fancier than me. We drove towards Provo so I started guessing but since this was a new place for us I didn’t guess until we were right in front of it. He had searched for Fine Dining and found a restaurant that sounded good. We went to La Jolla Groves. The inside is really cool, you sit under what look like really Lemon trees. It was very quiet with great service. They had a Valentine’s Special going on so each plate was $30 but you got an appetizer, side dish, entrée & dessert. The food was delicious!! We had a nice time. When we were done we decided we just wanted to go home and spend the evening with our kiddos and each other.

Also I can’t forget that we ordered the kids 2 heart shaped pizza’s for dinner that they loved and they all made fantastic Valentine’s Boxes for the Class party’s. Madison used the Heart Box that Katie and David made 3 years ago. This is the 4th time it’s been used. It’s always a hit. Jenna and Isaac’s were original ideas that their siblings helped them build. Jenna’s is the Crocodile and Isaac’s is a Robot.

Valentines (11)

Valentines (12)Valentines (13)Valentines (15)

Katie also got a gift from her cute crush Christian Baggett and an anonymous Rose and card at school.

Valentines (31)

Also when I came home from work I found these waiting for me. My sweetheart hurried and ran to the store after I left and got the chocolate and strawberries then made these for me. They were so delicious. I didn’t share very many of them.

Valentines (21)

The kids dinner!

Valentines (30)

This is David and I’s Dinner. He had Salmon and I had Filet Mignon. Then he had the chocolate desert and I had the orange Crème Brule. It was all so good.

Valentines (29)

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