Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunset and Multi Choral Concert

Katie likes to take pictures of Sunset’s and Clouds. I’m always finding pictures on my phone and camera of those. She loves the beautiful sky! I’m glad she has such an appreciation for the beauty around us.

Sunset (2)

She also likes to take silly pictures of her mother.


Then the other night we got to see Katie perform in the High School Auditorium with several other choirs. The High School A Capella Chorus, the Junior High A Capella Chorus and several Elementary groups. They were all pretty good. I personally liked Katie’s choir the best and no I’m not being biased. Her teacher does a great job with her choirs. My only question is why the two a capella choirs are called a capella because they all sing with the piano. The only sing one or two actual a capella songs.

Katie's Concert (1)Katie's Concert (2)

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