Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jenna’s Photo Shoot

A few weeks back my boss needed an older child model for the new clothing line she is now selling. I told her Jenna would love to do it. Jenna is at the largest of her current clothing sizes. She was a natural, so dang cute.

Jenna, Capri (Kim’s Niece) & Emery (Kims, Sisters, Friends daughter)

Jenna.Capri.EmeryJenna.Emery.2Jenna.EmeryJenna.Ritz (1)Jenna.Ritz (2)Jenna.Ritz (4)Jenna.Ritz (5)

This one is one of my Favorites!

Jenna.Ritz (6)Jenna.Ritz (3)Jenna.Ritz (7)Jenna.Ritz (8)

Jenna, Capri, Quinn(Kim’s other niece), Tessa(Kim’s Daughter) & Emery.


You can go here to purchase these adorable outfits!

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