Thursday, February 13, 2014

Isaac’s Room

Last weekend David and I decided to take on Isaac’s room’s facelift. We had the paint already and the design we had just lacked the time to get it done. So we started Friday afternoon with the Gray base coat. Then tackled the colored frames for the super hero tins on Saturday.

Here are some Before shots:

IsaacsRoom (4) IsaacsRoom (11) IsaacsRoom (24)

Phase 1:

IsaacsRoom (1) IsaacsRoom (5) IsaacsRoom (12)

Phase 2:

IsaacsRoom (13) IsaacsRoom (15) IsaacsRoom (17)

Phase 3:

IsaacsRoom (21) IsaacsRoom (22) IsaacsRoom (26)

Almost Done:

IsaacsRoom (2) IsaacsRoom (23) IsaacsRoom (27)


IsaacsRoom (6) IsaacsRoom (8) IsaacsRoom (14)IsaacsRoom (16) IsaacsRoom (20)

IsaacsRoom (18)

And Isaac Love it. It’s been spotless for the entire week and I keep finding him with the door closed just playing in his room.

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