Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Isaac Loves His Sisters

Yesterday after school sounded like this:

Me: Jenna please help Isaac unload and load the dishwasher.
Jenna: But it’s not our day.
Me: I know yesterday was your day but you didn’t do it so hurry and get it done really quick. There are only a few dishes.
Isaac: (Already unloading without a word of complaint)
Jenna: But I don’t want to do it there are too many dishes.
Me: Come on Jenna it’ll take you just a few minutes hurry and get it done.
Jenna: (Grumbling, Stomping getting very angry, and just generally throwing a fit) It’s not my day! Dishes are Stupid!
Me: Jenna I warned you yesterday about needing an attitude adjustment you have 1 minute to go help you’re your brother. He is already almost done unloading so you just need to load.
Jenna: (Continuing to act out and starting to cry, defensive stance refusing to help)
Me: OK, I’m done with this drama Jenna! You are now grounded for the week no friends, no XBOX, no computer. You Better help Isaac Now!
Jenna: (Still crying and stomping to the dishwasher) FINE! (Now slamming the dishes)
Me: Jenna please do not slam my dishes, hurt or yell at your brother and just quickly get done.
Jenna: (Continues to cry, lightly slam dishes)
Isaac: (coming over to me quietly says) Mom Jenna is getting a better attitude now so can she not be grounded?
Me: No Isaac she knew what the consequence was and still acted badly so she is still grounded.
Jenna & Isaac: ( put a few more dishes away and start loading the dishwasher. The crying is getting quieter but still there.)
Isaac: (again coming over to me quietly says) Mom I feel bad for Jenna so I’m going to give her my Heart crayon that you made.
Me: Ok but don’t be upset if she yells at you or throws it, she is still not being very nice.
Isaac: Here Jenna you can have this.
Jenna: (Ignores him and starts washing the rest of the dishes while crying still.)
Isaac: (one more time coming over quietly says) Mom I feel really bad for Jenna and I think she is doing better. Can I please be grounded instead of her being grounded?
Me: (Heart melted by my sweet son being so Christ like for is sister) I’m sorry Isaac we can’t do that. She knew the consequence and she still must pay for her own actions. You can’t do that for her. But that is really very sweet of you to want to help her so much.
Isaac: Ok (returns to help finish the dishes)
Jenna: (Finally calms down, quits crying and tells her brother thank you for helping with the dishes.

I was so shocked at him for offering to take her punishment so she would be happier. What a sweet boy I have!

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  1. I don't know you or your family, but this post was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. I have awesome kids that I adore, but I honestly can't imagine one of my kids doing that for their siblings. What a sweet and thoughtful boy you have!!!