Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cute and Crazy Videos

When I look through my phone I often find Crazy Video’s like the 1st one. I don’t know what was going on or why one of my children was videoing this silliness but after losing one child I know that these silly videos are precious no matter how crazy they are.

Crazy Isaac

The first week of February we had the pleasure of watching my nephew Kaleb for a few days. His older brother Clayton was having a tonsillectomy at PCMC so we were keeping an eye on Kaleb for his mom and dad. The first day was fun and eventful except that Clayton ran into complications during his surgery and we were all a bit concerned. By the end of the day Clayton was doing better and improving. Kaleb on the other hand was getting a high fever and not feeling so well. So I had Grandma grab some meds and juice on the way back to our house from PCMC and we tried to keep his fever at bay. I knew his momma was sad she couldn’t be with him because she said he’d never had a fever like that before. So we did our best to get him on the mend and keep that fever down. We played a lot of iPad games and I’m not going to lie to soaked it up whenever that cute little 2 year old wanted to cuddle on my lap and play a game.

Kaleb & the Shark Game

When his fever didn’t look like it was going to go away anytime soon on the second day we decided a bath was in order. Stacy said Kaleb loved baths so I figured it’s be easy to get him into my huge tub with bubbles and toys. Not the case, we had to call Grandma Egley in as backup and finally got him in the tub. At first he just wanted out and wasn’t happy one bit but slowly calmed down and got comfortable. The one thing he kept saying is “bubbles get away”. It quickly became a game with him and Grandma to keep him in the tub they kept chasing the bubbles away.

After his bath his fever still didn’t drop as much as I’d like it to but he seems to feel better. He slept well that night and the next day was so excited to see his Daddy come and get him. He bathed again only his Daddy got him in without a struggle. We gave him some more meds and the fever still persisted. I was beginning to think it was time to go to immediate care but then he and his Dad headed out to get Mommy and Clayton who was doing well enough to be released from the Hospital.

They all went home and when I asked how Kaleb was doing they said as soon as they got home he didn’t have a fever anymore. I’m convinced it was my and Grandma’s doctoring that got rid of that stinky fever(winky eye lol). Even though his mom and dad say he just needed to be home.

Cute Kaleb Chasing Bubbles

Anyway it was fun having him even though he wasn’t feeling his best. He has got the sweetest smile and cheerful attitude. David and I frequently say that he reminds of of Gabriel. Gabie was also very cheerful and always happy like Kaleb. Just can’t get enough of those sweet spirits.

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