Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He’s 5!!

I’ve been putting this post off because I knew it would be involved and after a long weekend of heightened emotions I’m feeling worn thin. I think I could sleep for a couple days straight just to catch up.

Gabriel’s Birthday was on Sunday but I’m going to start on Saturday. Saturday afternoon Grandpa and Grandma Egley and Grandpa and Grandma Saville showed up between noon and 2:00. At 3:00 Gma Egley quickly ran Madison to Violin Studio Class because I had forgotten and spent my whole morning cleaning and I had to hurry and get ready to go to the Temple. At 3:00 David and I both sets of Grandparents and our neighbors Josh and Abbie Webster headed out to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We had scheduled an hour for family sealing's. The Sealing session was fantastic. We were all able to participate and we sealed 12 couples who had been waiting for this final piece to be done in their temple work since the 1700’s. We were also able to seal several children to their parents.

I had been praying all week for Gabriel to be there with us. I have to admit that I’m always hoping for something miraculous to happen and that is usually not the case. This time was in some ways no different but in another way was  a little different. After our sealing's we went to spend some time in the Celestial Room thinking and praying and feeling the spirit. For me the Celestial Room is usually a place where I can fall apart, cry my eyes out and ask my Father in Heaven for strength in living this life while missing my son so much. This time was different. As David and I sat there talking about the first time we sat together in this room (our wedding day) I had this very strong feeling of peace. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t crying I wasn’t missing my son. I knew he was with me even though I couldn’t see him or necessarily feel him. I just knew in my heart that he was there and that he was proud of us for being in the temple that day and doing our Heavenly Fathers work. I knew he was happy and healthy and strong. I knew he was watching over us and I knew that he knew how much I miss him but I felt like he was there to help me feel the peace and love that he feels every day. It was so refreshing from the general heartbreaking pain and extreme missing of him. I am so thankful for the peace I felt and I keep trying to go back to that feeling but in my noisy house of arguing and playing rowdy kids I’m struggling to find it here. What a great reason to go back to the Temple as soon as I can.


It was so nice to go to the Temple with our parents and friends. When we got home we had pulled pork, chips and coleslaw followed with a lot of good conversation and laughs.

Sunday we all got up (dad very early) and around 8 we had breakfast. We quickly cleaned that mess up and then started dinner, cleaned that up and then started on Gabriel’s Birthday Cake. We finished his cake just in time to get dressed for our 1:00 church time. Sacrament was very nice and some great talks were given on Missionary work. Then we went to Sunday School and introduced our parents which was an honor to do. The Sunday School lesson was also enlightening. We were talking about The Fall of Adam. Next was Relief Society, Priesthood, High Priests, Primary and Young Women’s. About 20 minutes into Releif Society Madison came in and told me that they were setting her apart as part of the Beehive Presidency. Which was a surprise to us but we said OK and me and both moms got up and left. Then we retrieved all 3 dads and went into the Beehive Classroom. Madison said the Bishop came in and asked each girl if they had been spoken to or not and when they each said no he said “well surprise you’ve been called to serve in the Beehive Presidency and we’re here to set you apart.” It was awesome that is all came together on the day we had both sets of Grandparents there. David and both Dads were able to stand in for her blessing. Brother Maia gave her a fabulous blessing. Which included that the things she would learn in the calling would help her in her future callings and on her mission. It’s crazy to even think of my girls being big enough to go on missions but I would be so proud of them.

After church we came home changed and got ready for dinner. We had Butter Chicken which we great of course. Then we headed outside at 6:30 to release our Wish Lanterns. The plan was to release all 10 we had written something special on all of them. The first two weren’t opened enough we we lite them on Fire and parts of them burned so they had holes in them. The both lifted off eventually but the first one just went to the cul de sac behind out house and then dropped to the ground so we retrieved it and threw it away. The second one also went only a few blocks and fell down but we’re not sure where it came down at. Gary and Colleen looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. The 3rd one went really high and looked like it would go a long way but then it flickered and started to fall. Gary and Colleen saw it falling so they followed it to a park 2 streets over and brought it back. After those 3 had come down so close to our house we were concerned about sending the remaining 7 up. We were worried about them coming down on people’s roofs and back yards. I have to say I was very very disappointed but would never want to put anyone in danger. We’re hoping to take them to the lake earlier in the day and release them some time and pray that will be a better place to do it. The one lantern that went so high was very beautiful and we had several neighbors and Madison’s 6th grade teacher Mrs. Botelho come to support us.

Gabriels 5th Birthday (9) Gabriels 5th Birthday (11)Gabriels 5th Birthday (13) Gabriels 5th Birthday (15)Gabriels 5th Birthday (17) Gabriels 5th Birthday (21)Gabriels 5th Birthday (26) Gabriels 5th Birthday (28)Gabriels 5th Birthday (50) Gabriels 5th Birthday (52)

Then we came in and had Gabriel’s cake.
Gabriels 5th Birthday (37)

Gabriels 5th Birthday (55) Gabriels 5th Birthday (57)Gabriels 5th Birthday (61)

After the cake Both Grandma’s ganged up on Isaac and kissed him crazy… He got Grandma Saville pretty good too.

Gabriels 5th Birthday (63) Gabriels 5th Birthday (64)

Dear Gabriel,

I talk to you often so I’m sure you already know most of what I’m about to say but just so I get it down on paper I’m going to say it again.

Every time I pray I ask my Heavenly Father to look after to you, to make sure you know how much I love you and miss you. I also tell him to tell you how extremely proud of you I am. I love you so much and miss you a lot too but I know you are doing good work. I can’t even believe that you are 5 years old it’s so crazy. I try to picture in my mind what you would look like and what your interests would be. The only thing I know for sure right now is that our neighbor Lincoln and you would be the very best of friends. But I know you have a lot of best friends where you are too. I know that your are doing great work and you have a very strong spirit.

Today as I was concerned about your cousin Clayton because his tonsillectomy wasn’t going well. His carotid artery was very close to his right tonsil and started seeping after they removed his tonsil. We were asking for prayers every where because the doctor said it was very serious. I was feeling very sad and emotional especially for your Aunt Stacy and Uncle Chet. When tears started streaming down my cheeks and I knew right then that you were there with him. You were both having a nice little conversation while the doctors were being guided as what to do. I knew you would never leave your best buddy’s side at a difficult time like this. I know you were there to help him make he was back to us. I’m so proud of you for watching over our family and being there when anyone needs you.

I love you and I couldn’t be prouder to be your earthly mother.


Now if I can only get the rest I need to catch up and get beyond this emotional low. I feel so drained and tired. I think I could sleep for days. I never understood before how much our emotional feelings can wears us out.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Gabriel!!

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