Saturday, December 7, 2013


This year for Thanksgiving it was the Egley’s year. Dad had surgery on his shoulder the week before Thanksgiving and mom’s knee is bothering her so me and my sister in laws took care of Thanksgiving dinner. It was a great meal and there was a lot of extra food left over. My brothers who used to eat so much do not eat nearly as much as they used to.

David and I played Dungeon's and Dragon’s for the first time with Ben and Sam. It was fun and Sam did a great job telling the story.

I feel bad that we didn’t get any pictures of the day. The boys went hunting and the rest of us visited and just had a nice time. Buy the end of the day I was beat and ready for a nap but so thankful for the opportunity to be with family.We were also able to spend Thursday night and Friday with Gary and Colleen and we had a nice visit with them and a very good Thanksgiving lunch.

I didn’t do the 30 days of gratitude on the blog or Facebook  this year but that is not because of my lack of gratitude. I have a great deal to be thankful for. Our family is so very blessed. We have a beautiful and warm home we live in a wonderful area and Love all our neighbors. We are blessed with employment for both David and I that we both enjoy. Our children our healthy, smart and growing into wonderful people. I have so many things I’m thankful for. I can’t even begin to list all the many things my Father in Heaven has given me and continues to give me. We are very blessed and I feel so thankful to have my sweet Gabriel watching over us from the Spirit World. How blessed am I to have a perfect angel son. I miss him so much but I’m so thankful for him and how blessed we are to have him in our forever family. (1)

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