Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

Tonight is very low key for New Years Eve. We played XBOX most of the day being very lazy. Then David and I went to Wal-Mart to get some Sparkling Cider and it was all gone so as a note for next year buy it early. Then we went to our new Taco Bell for dinner and once we got home we realized they forgot 1/3 of our order. So back in the car David and I got, went and told them and got our food and came home. The kids then tried to play XBOX Kinect with Michael and Sherry’s kids in Texas but the internet connection wasn’t working well so they only got to play for a little bit. In the mean time I was driving to Eagle Mountain City Center with 4 excited teenage girls. All but one of them are attending their very first Stake Dance and they were all very excited. It was fun to listen to them talk about movies, books and of course signals for each other if they needed to be recued from dancing with a boy they didn’t really enjoy dancing with. I hope Katie has a lot of fun. I’m excited to hear all about it from her when she gets home.

It honestly makes me all teary eyed thinking about how big all my kids are getting and how soon they will all be teenagers. I feel like I’m getting older because they are and it’s obvious but I really don’t usually feel as old as I am. I wonder sometimes how I got here, with 5 children and having them all grow up so fast and dealing with sending one home to his mission in heaven already. It is really all a great blessing to be their mother. I’ll never know how I got to be so lucky for all of them to choose me to be their mom here on earth. But I will always be thankful that they did.

I probably won’t have any pictures for tonight since we won’t even have our usual fancy glasses and sparkling cider to ring in the New Year. Maybe we’ll catch some of the neighbors fireworks and I’ll post those later. I’m also hoping Katie takes some cute friend pictures at the dance. But for now here is my beautiful eldest daughter all dressed up for her first dance.

New Years Dance (1)New Years Dance (2)

So here is the recap from Katie’s Dance experience. Sadly when I texted her at Midnight to tell her happy new year she replied “I’m Bored”. So we chatted a bit then some more when she got home. Apparently the building was packed so there wasn’t a lot of room. She and her friends danced a few times to fast songs and she dance once with a boy down the hill named Ethan. She said it was very awkward. She told him she didn’t know how to dance so he showed her the approved dancing pose her hands on his shoulders and his on her waist but he could tell she was uncomfortable and asked if she wanted to change. So they danced just holding each hand in front of them and outward. It really sounded more awkward to me but she said I just didn’t want his hands on my waist. So I was expecting her to come home hyper and excited and instead she came home a little disappointed and melancholy. Her friend Miriam did tell her that there were a lot more people than there was at the last dance she went to so New Years Eve is probably just more popular to go to. I’m sure with time she’ll get more comfortable and also as the boys she knows better turn 14 she’ll be excited to dance with them. She said she had wished Christian was there and she would’ve felt comfortable dancing with her. Silly girl and her cute crush. But she did get a couple pictures so here they are.



And one more picture. Gavin moved just as the picture finished so his face is blurry but these best buddies were so excited they had matching PJ’s and Snow Boots. They were sledding down the icy yard while watching fireworks to ring in the new year.

Gavin and Isaac 12.31.13

We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2014!

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