Monday, December 23, 2013

Egley Christmas Party

This weekend we went to Idaho for the Egley Family Christmas party. We got there on Friday night after a lot traffic and yucky roads. We unloaded the car then changed into our swimming suits and we went to the Hot Baths. We had all forgotten how nice the Hot Baths are and hope to go back again before it gets too warm. Saturday morning everyone came and we started at 10AM. This year we started a little bit different. I really wanted to start on a more spiritual note instead of just starting to open gifts. I showed this video then bore my testimony to my entire family. It was perfect and I hope all their hearts were touched.

This year we had an easy dinner/appetizers and treats. We all opened our wonderful gifts and then snacked and visited. Sam helped Katie and Madison create a profile for their D & D characters. I fell asleep on the couch and my sweet sister in laws cleaned up dinner. Then David and I packed up and headed to Pocatello.

Us kids all put some money in an envelope for mom and dad hoping the $300 we came up with will help them with any needs or wants they currently have.

All the kids got fantastic things from their Aunt, Uncles and Cousins. We all came home with homemade scarves, David also got some Dark Chocolate Dipped pretzels and all us girls got homemade bath salts from Matt and Alice. Aunt Alice also made Isaac and awesome Captain America pillow.

All us girls got homemade hand cuffs from Grandma Egley. Jenna got her Bibi gun from Grandpa since she is now 10. Grandpa Egley also sent us all home with some of his delicious deer jerky. Katie also received a knitting kit, Madison a book, and Isaac a Hulk figure and Transformers pillowcase from G&G Egley. David got a Duck Dynasty shirt and I got a new apron. Katie and Madison each got an apron too since Grandma had extras. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, everything is well loved and appreciated and we are so thankful for the thoughtfulness and time put into all our gifts. It was a fantastic day with family.

Jenna and I got some great pictures of the day’s events. My poor mom was sick throwing up all night so she spent most of the day in bed. We missed her greatly but we all know the love she put into have the family Christmas party.


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