Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Update

After Thanksgiving we came home and decorated the house for Christmas. Just before we started decorating I was trying to remember how we decorated last year and I couldn’t find any pictures documenting how we decorated last year so this year I am making sure I document how things went up.

Christmas.decor (1) Christmas.decor (2)Christmas.decor (3)

Christmas.decor (4) Christmas.decor (5) Christmas.decor (8)Christmas.decor (6) Christmas.decor (7)Christmas.decor (9) Christmas.decor (10)

Today we decided to hang up a string to hang our Christmas cards on we’ll see how that works out.

Christmas.decor (11)

Madison’s 12th Birthday is this Friday and she’s been saving money for months for a tablet. But when Katie and I went to Day Murray Music in Lehi we talked to Adam Day and he told us he had a Violin that was up to the same quality as the model above it. So it was only $445 but was the same quality as the model for $645. I got so excited about it and went home and told Madison about it. The only thing is that I couldn’t afford to buy it on my own. Madison got excited about it too and said to take her money for her tablet and spend it on the Violin. So we did, the next day I took Madison’s money and put some with it and brought a new Violin home for Madison.

new.violin (2) new.violin (3)

Early Birthday Gift

She is loving it!
Then on December 3rd Madison graduated from the NOVA program at school. NOVA stands for Nurturing, Opportunity, Values & Accountability. It’s a program for 6th graders. 
Madison.NOVA (2) Madison.NOVA (3)Madison.NOVA (6)

Then on the 4th of December as an Activity Day’s Leader my partner and I and one of the moms took our girls to The Festival of Trees. I’ve never been before. It was amazing so many trees donated in memory of loved ones. I do have to say seeing all those heartbreaking tender stories made me sad but the trees are all very beautiful. Then there were the Gingerbread houses that were so awesome.

Star Wars TreeFestival.of.trees (1)

This Gingerbread House has over $1200 of Candy on it.
Festival.of.trees (4) Festival.of.trees (5) Festival.of.trees (6)

Sugar Rush

Festival.of.trees (9)

Despicable Me

Festival.of.trees (13)

A lot of Porcelain Dolls. We took this pic for both Grandmas.Festival.of.trees (14)

Coca-Cola Tree, Hot Wheels Tree & Super Hero Tree

Festival.of.trees (17) Festival.of.trees (19) Festival.of.trees (22)

This tree was decorated in Memory of Colum Pack. I’ve met his mom as a fellow Angel Mom and their story is so sad. I loved seeing a tree donated in Memory of a child close to me heart. Festival.of.trees (25)

These are the girls we took to The Festival of Trees.
Festival.of.trees (29)

This week it started snowing. It’s been getting cold but hadn’t really snowed until now. My rose tree that I planted bloomed clear up until Thanksgiving. Today when it started snowing so much I took a picture of it with roses in the snow.
1st.big.snow (6)

Today was our first big snow and the kids had fun playing outside with the neighbor kids. I told them to shovel the driveway while they were playing and soon I walked out and the neighbor boy was helping them too. It’s snowed so much today that our driveway has been shoveled and now snow blowed again by our neighbor Ty. Last week when it snowed our neighbor Josh snow blowed it. We owe some major treats to our awesome neighbors.

1st.big.snow (2) 1st.big.snow (4)

Also this week we were able to hang up our new family pictures. David took these and edited them I think he did a fabulous job. (1) (2) (4)

Then after our busy day Isaac decided to take a nap. I can never figure out how kids can sleep in such strange places.

Isaac (2)

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