Tuesday, December 31, 2013

D&D, Camp Trailer & Frozen

This weekend Ben, Sam, Robert and Alex came down this weekend to visit. They came Saturday night and we started up a D&D game. I never thought I’d play such a “nerdy” game but I guess marring who I did it was inevitable. Not that I mind it was fun and a fun new experience. David has been painting little tiny figurines and really enjoying it. We played until 1:30AM then went to bed. In the morning we got up and Ben and I drove to Provo and he bought a tent trailer. It’s in really good condition for 44 years old and I think his family will really enjoy it this summer. It was so cold and I thought I was going to freeze while Ben talked with the seller and finalized things but I didn’t. Then we came back to the house and played some more D&D until dinner. The girls and I loved playing with little Alex he is so dang cute. And it was nice getting to know Sam’s brother Robert a little better. It was a great weekend. I didn’t get any pictures of Ben’s trailer but maybe I will another time.

Yesterday we took the kids to see Frozen and it was a great movie. I took tissues because I’d heard many ladies cried through the beginning but I didn’t cry so it must’ve not touched me like it did them. We all loved the movie and will surely buy it when it comes out.




At Frozen:

frozen (3)

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