Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Week

This post is mostly just some fun Pictures for remembrance. And to remind myself to not by shoes for my girls for Christmas again. They all asked for boots and so I obliged. Then low and behold on Christmas morning none of the sizes were correct and Katie and Jenna wanted completely different styles. Grrr.. Next Year it’s gift cards all around if shoes or clothing are on their lists. We spent most of Yesterday returning 3 pairs of shoes then Jenna and Madison found a new size and a new style at our first stop. Katie on the other hand didn’t find anything she liked until our 5th stop and then the ones that she said “those are the ones, mom”. Weren’t in her size, so the cashier called around and found one pair in Sandy so off we went to our 6th stop to get “the perfect boots” for Katie. She loves them so I suppose it was worth it but I’m going to change things up next year. Here’s hoping I remember.

To start our pictures David and I put together a delicious Christmas dinner and even got our our nicer dishes and silverware. I did decide that I need to ask my moms for pretty serving dishes for birthdays and Christmas. I have only a platter and the one dish I was looking for that I believe was either my Grandma Easters or Aunt Glenda’s I couldn’t find so I got a bit emotional and cried over it. Then today I found it right where I left if and had forgotten.

Anyway here are the pictures…

Christmas Dinner 

Mom and Dad Saville gave us an Ebelskiver pan for Christmas along with a recipe book. I’ve never heard of Ebelskivers but from what mom Saville says they are a Danish dish and a part of the Saville families heritage. I think I may have some Danish on the Egley side also. Anyway I picked up some Buttermilk for the recipe and made just the basic Ebelskiver’s this morning for breakfast. I don’t think they will happen a lot, they are time consuming but very good and there are a lot of different recipes for all meal types so I’m excited to try them out. Everyone liked them and I think they taste like crepes a bit. We served them with maple syrup, powdered sugar and blackberry, raspberry jalapeƱo jam. The jam was my favorite topping.

Thanks mom and dad!


Then here are some pictures of the girls and I in our boots and some silly shots too.


The girls are obsessed with Studio C on BYU TV and this pose is a silly copy of one of the characters “Ann”. I refused to pose because I don’t even remember the episode but they wouldn’t focus on a serious pose so I promised to do it once if they’d give me one normal pose. Such silly girls. Madison always gives me silly poses and I usually get more of those than serious pose’s. I love them all such fun girls.


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  1. You are right dear. Your grandpa Egley was half Dainish & half Swiss. Your great grandmother Anne Elizabeth Hansen Egley was full Dainish her parents came from Denmark. And I have Dainish in my ancestral lines as well.