Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve we went sledding with our neighbors and got some good pictures and some sore bottoms.

Katie & Madison
Katie and Madison


Gavin, Jenna, Madison, Katie, Isaac & Lincoln


We also made some yummy treats watched both Tron and Tron Legacy. Had our traditional Pizza for dinner and opened 1 gift each (PJ’s) and a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Saville.


Left to Right
Mom, Isaac, Dad, Jenna, Madison & Katie


Christmas Morning 2013


David got me a new Dell Laptop this year from Christmas which I have been LOVING since beginning of December. I got David tickets for the whole family to attend the Salt Lake City ComicCon in April. The whole family got Disney Infinity and several characters and Gabie gave us The Adventure Time 4 player game to enjoy together. Gary and Coleen got our Family an Ebelskiver it’s a Danish pastry pan, along with a cook book. They also got us a Dutch oven cookbook and 2 cupcake cookbooks. Guess we have a lot of cooking do be doing. And we got a beautiful book about Good King Wenceslas.


Isaac got a new Captain America Night Lite, a Remote Control car and Sky landers swap force and a new super hero blanket. G&G Saville gave him a awesome down/fleece throw. We got a big hug for the car, I guess that’s his favorite. 


Jenna asked Santa for a telescope and she also got a book about the stars, she also got a pair of new boots and several crafts she’d been asking for. And she got a Newton's cradle.  She also love her down/fleece blanket from G&G Saville.


Madison got new boots (that of course don’t fit, so we’ll be returning them). She got 3 Comic Books that she had been asking for and a Mooshroom and Pig from Mine Craft. Santa brought her a special box with a velvet lining and very nice writing utensils to use in her new leather bound story or drawing book. She also loves her blanket from G&G Saville.


Katie had asked Santa for a larger jewelry box that would hold all her jewelry in one place. She he brought one that will hang on the wall and has a collage of pictures in the front. She also go 3 Sheet music books Adele, The Piano Guys and a collection of different artists. She asked for tall high heeled boots and now she say’s she’s changed her mind and wants combat boots and the boots I got her are too small anyway. I’m so done buying shoes for these girls. Next year it’ll be gift cards to get their own shoes. Katie also go Finn headphones that she’s wanted.


The kids drew names and they each got each other their favorite treat and . Katie got Jenna reversible Finn/Fiona hat, Madison got Isaac a Scarab Hex Bug, Jenna got Katie and Ice Cream Man Hat and Isaac got Madison the same Ice Cream Man Hat. Now all the girls have Adventure Time snow hats.

We all got plenty of candy and treats to last us way too long and I’m sure require several dentist trips. Grr. David got all us girls a box of lotions and shower gels from Bath and Body Works.

Most of all we’re thankful for our health and our family. Thankful that we can all be together forever. Here’s looking forward to a long peaceful week and a half break from work and school.

First Impressions
David’s Comic Con Tickets

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