Monday, October 28, 2013

Katie’s Fall Concert

Last week was Katie’s first Advanced Women’s Chorus/Songbirds Concert. She looked beautiful and did great. A boy in our ward who has a crush on her even came to watch her. She has a little crush on him as well so we went to his Orchestra Concert the next night. I can’t believe she’s getting so grown up.

The Last song they sang is called Walking on Sunshine/Halo. Walking on Sunshine always makes me cry because Gabie liked to Dance to it and I videoed him. I was hoping I’d be OK but I wasn’t. Then David later said it was funny that the other song was called Halo. No one else would understand the significance of that to us but we thought it was kind of funny.

Katie's.Fall.Concert (3)

Katie's.Fall.Concert (10)

Katie's.Fall.Concert (11)

Katie's.Fall.Concert (13) Katie's.Fall.Concert (12)

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