Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Parties..

This last weekend was full of Halloween fun even though Halloween is this week. Thursday night I was invited to a Witch’s Night In “Girls night out”. It was a lot of fun and our Host Afton put a lot of work into it. She did a really fun game where teams had to find clues to the witches name and they also found curses. The teams had to get rid of all their curses before they could guess her name. It was fun and my team won. I really didn’t do too much but I had an awesome team.

Friday night David and I went to our neighbors couples costume party. It was so much fun and everyone dressed up. The costumes were fantastic! David and I were Pirates. David wore an old Pirate costume that we decided now needs to be retired to the kids only and I created a new Pirate costume for myself with a lot of advice from my mom.


Saturday morning I got up and went to my neighbor Brittany’s house where she has a salon and she dyed my hair a fun new color. I LOVE IT! I have gotten several compliments so I guess it’s a hit.


Saturday afternoon we painted pumpkins and then we went to the Ward/Neighborhood Halloween Party. The Primary Presidency put it on and did a fantastic job. There was delicious food and plenty of activities and candy for all the little kids. Madison and Jenna helped paint faces and loved it. We all dressed up!

halloween.2013 (3)

painted.pumpkins (4)

Then after the Ward/Neighborhood party on Saturday I went my my friend Bibi’s home and played a murder game with a large group of adults. It was a lot of fun and some very delicious food was brought and shared.

Sunday night we carved out pumpkins and the kids did great. They all carved their own pumpkins. This is the first year David and I haven’t had to help anyone.

halloween.2013 (4)

halloween.2013 (5)halloween.2013 (6)halloween.2013 (8)
Dad’s, Mom’s & Katie’s..

halloween.2013 (13)halloween.2013 (7)halloween.2013 (1)
Madison, Jenna & Isaac’s..

halloween.2013 (11) This is the back of Jenna’s..

We painted Gabe’s pumpkin’s this year instead of carving one. David and I did them together and I really like how they turned out.

halloween.2013 (2)

Although we’ve been having fun I’m ready to be done with Halloween. The kids still have a few more times to dress up and go trick or treating and then I’ll be happy to pack away everything Halloween.

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