Saturday, September 14, 2013

Timpanogos Cave Hike

We’ve been wanting to take the kids up to Timpanogos Cave’s since we moved here and today we finally made the hike. It is 1.5 Miles up the trail. It’s paved but it quite steep in places. They also have long Red Zones where you’re not allowed to stop and rest. They give you an hour and a half to make the hike before your scheduled cave tour time. David, Isaac & Madison made it up 30 minutes before our 10AM tour. Katie, Me and Jenna made it up 20 minutes before our tour. We were all beat and I’m sure tomorrow at least the oldest of us 6 will be sore.

Madison said she was freaking out the whole time in the caves because of the small spaces but I think she still enjoyed it. All the kids enjoyed it, the only thing that made them nervous was when the guide shut the lights off so we could experience pitch black. Isaac asked several questions as he always does. David and I often wonder how we got such and inquisitive child since we are both pretty quiet. He cracks me up sometime with his silly questions. In the cave they have two formations one is called popcorn and one is called bacon. Isaac asked both times he showed them to us if they could be eaten. Silly boy!!

The hike down was much much faster and once we reached the bottom my legs were like jelly and and shaking. Then we took the kids to do a little shopping which they weren’t happy about. But then we grabbed some lunch at Artic Circle and went home to relax.

We watched a movie then I cleaned the out the van because lately it’s been stinky and I still don’t really know why because there wasn’t anything really nasty in it. But either way it is now much cleaner. The kids played outside and David and Madison played some Mine Craft. And Katie is now at a Birthday party. So I’d say it’s be a productive day.


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