Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday the 18th

Katie was asked to give a talk in sacrament on Spiritual Preparedness. She did a fantastic job and made both David and I cry. She also got several compliments on how well she did.

After church we had dinner and we went to Goshen up to some old ruin’s and tried to take some family and individual pictures of the kids. After our last failed attempt we had hoped this would go better. It was a bit of a hike up to the ruins and it was pretty dusty and dirty. There was also a lot of garbage and although the ruins looked cool from a ways off they weren’t that great up close. On our way back to the car we did take a few more more pictures when the sun was setting and I think they turned out OK. David has done some editing and we may need to do some more before we print them but I think they may have potential.

Katie JaLaine 13

family pictures 021 (Medium)

Madison LaRue 11

family pictures 072 (Medium)

Jenna Reid 9

family pictures 173 (Medium)

Isaac David 7

family pictures 113 (Medium)

Jenna & Isaac

family pictures 090 (Medium) family pictures 129 (Medium)

My kiddos…

family pictures 214 (Medium)

My Sweetie and Me…

family pictures 231 (Medium)family pictures 238 (Medium)

The whole group…not my favorite just fun.

family pictures 254 (Medium)

Our Family August 2013

family pictures 276 (Medium)

My Girls and I…

family pictures 293 (Medium)

My Very Handsome Boys…

family pictures 299 (Medium)

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