Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Baby Girl is 10!!

I can’t believe that my Jenna is 10 years old. Seriously where do the years go, my kids are growing up way too fast. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice having independent kids but at this rate they’ll be all ready to date, move out and marry way too soon. I’m seriously not looking forward to all of that.

Jenna turned 10 on the 23rd of September. She was my  2nd baby to come all on her own and she was and still is my tiniest kiddo. Her younger brother Isaac is soon going to pass her up all together. They are currently in the same size clothes all around and he is over 2 years younger than her. Jenna has always been our hardest child to buy for. She never knows what she wants so is always looking at everything say I want that and that and that but doesn’t really want or need any of it. This year I told her she needed to start asking for things that have things to do with her likes and hobbies. She asked for and received a tumbling mat, a duck call, tumbling clothes, a large stuffed Sully, Ear protecting ear muffs, marbles & a Nerf gun.

Jenna's 10th Birthday 033

She is in tumbling and loves it and excels at it. We watch a lot of Duck Dynasty hence the duck call, she is collecting marbles and her and her sibling like to have Nerf wars. Now the ear muffs, well there is a story behind those. We went to see Man of Steal not too long ago and about 3/4 of the way through the movie she leaned over to me and said “mom my fingers are numb”. Immediately started to worry but then saw her other hand firmly plugging her ear. I asked her if she had been plugging both her ears the entire movie and she said “yes it’s really loud”. Jenna always plugs her ears if she’s scared or if it’s loud. She vacuum’s with ear plugs in too. If she is really scared of a show instead of looking away or covering her eyes she keeps on watching but plugs her ears. It’s quite strange. So after the Man of Steal incident David and I decided she needed some actual ear muffs that block out the sound. So I got on Cabela’s website and found her some cute pink shooting ear protection muffs. She was a little confused when she opened them but when we told her what they were for she was really excited. We’ll probably take them with us to movies from now on. I’m sure we’ll get some crazy looks!

Jenna's 10th Birthday 037

Her Cake was the same story as her gifts she kept changing her mind and really didn’t have a clue what she wanted. So David pitched a candy cake and she said sure. We found a cool skittles cake and decided to copy it. Ours did not come out a neat as the picture we were coping but Jenna loved it and that’s all that matters.

Jenna's 10th Birthday 003


We did all our celebrating on Sunday but her actual Birthday was on Monday. On Monday she received these awesome handmade mocassins in the mail from her Aunt Stacy. Then David and I took out for a Birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choice. She choose Buffalo Wild Wings. Dinner was wonderful and she got a huge slice of chocolate cake and ice cream at the end of her dinner. I think she enjoyed her night out with just mom and dad. This is going to be a new Birthday tradition with our kids, since it’s so expensive to take them all out to the restaurant of their choice at any random time.




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