Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mindy Gledhill

My girls and were quickly converted fans of Mindy Gledhill from the first time we heard her songs. I can’t remember where I heard her song hourglass first either my sister in law shared it with me on Facebook or my friend Molly shared it. I think it was Molly that song has a lot of meaning for her family. I heard it shortly after Gabriel died and although it saddened me that I don’t worry about him growing up to fast it also brought a lot of comfort to me some how. Anyway Mindy has been working on her newest album and I’ve been keeping up with her progress via YouTube. So when she released her tour schedule for the release of the new album I quickly bought the album and bought tickets to the Provo show. I bought 3 tickets me, Katie & Madison. Jenna likes her music but doesn’t really know who she is and it was a standing only performance and I didn’t thing Jenna would love that. So on last Thursday the girls and I got to the Velour Live Music place an hour early. We should’ve went and waited by the door right away because later that night Mindy gave a prize to those who had waited outside the longest and we were the first ones there. But because I wasn’t sure until I started seeing others show up we were only the 3 group in line. We waited roughly an hour before the doors opened then the show started at 8:30 with Book Tape Worm the openers. They were very mellow but had a very good sound. Then Mindy came on!! It was so exciting because the place was small and only about 300 people were there. Since we were there so early we stood right next to the stage and Mindy sang within the reach of our fingers (that is if we’d wanted to touch her) the whole night. She sang several of our favorite songs and several of her new songs.


Katie was grumpy when we left home but as soon as Mindy came on stage she didn’t stop smiling all night long. Madison is a little dancer and wildly tapped her feet to the music with every single song. She liked tapping with the Bass Guitarist because it was the fastest beat.


When the concert was over we went out front and bought the new album, 2 shirts and a hat. Then Mindy came out so we met her, had her sign the cd and took a photo with her. I told her that Katie did a report on her 2 years ago so she quizzed Katie a little and teased her about stalking her. She was very sweet and it was awesome to meet one of our favorite famous singers.




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