Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summerhill Ward Girls Camp

July 30th – August 2nd Katie and I got to go to Girls Camp. We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to The Spruces.

On Tuesday we went to Camp Williams in Saratoga Springs and learned how to repel and rock climb. Katie repelled down both walls and attempted the rock wall climb. I repelled down the free fall and I was terrified. The Instructor said my eyes were as big as apples when I went over the edge. It was very scary for me but Katie loved it and it was an awesome experience. Then we went to the pool and swam and ate lunch. When we were done we headed up to camp.


We had a chance to learn some Archery. Katie is Left eye dominant and was complemented on how well she did being so. I am not and still didn’t do as well as Katie. We had some leaders and girls that got bull's-eyes right off the bat.


We played lots of games and had some great skits. The leaders danced to Gangnam Style only we changed it to “Camping Style” it was fun. Each tent did a skit plus the YCL’S did a skit as well. We were each give 5 or 6 words we had to include in our skit it made it fun and very entertaining.

skits and games

These are just a few of the amazing girls and leaders we got to spend our week with. Brianna Bastian, Carsyn Madsen, Katie Saville, Sister Bibi Baggett, Sister Tammy Peart & Camryn Madsen. We made some bonds at camp that will never be broken what a wonderful place to build friendships. We also had to wonderful speakers Wednesday night Molly Jackson came and spoke about all the places that we call home and the people that make us feel at home. Her talk was spectacular and gave me a new outlook on the eternal perspective of our life without Gabriel. On Thursday night the speaker was Amy Lindstrom she is the mother of twins and lost one of them just 3 years ago when he was 7 I think. She talked about the struggles he had with his health and the way their testimonies grew through the trial of losing him. Both women did a great job and I feel the girls were really touched by their talks.


We hiked up Donut Falls and were able to go under the waterfall. We took several group pictures in our camp shirts. Our Theme was “There is no place like home”. Our shirts say KEEP CALM AND “heart” love, “light bulb” learn, “badge of courage” and be courageous. Several of the girls said they’re favorite part of camp was the hike. One of our Priesthood leaders also loved it because he was missing his shower and so he went right under the waterfall for a few seconds and said he felt refreshed and cleaner.

group shots

The girls played a game with shower caps and shaving cream and cheese balls. They had to catch the cheese balls on their caps. After they were done we had several little friends that the girls were calling pot guts that were gorging themselves on cheese balls. Below we have the girls hiking the falls, Emily Hurst and Katie with their shower caps and shaving cream, our little friend “pot gut”, Katie, Katherine Langston & Camryn Madsen. Then Mikayla Bastian sitting below the falls.


Camp was fabulous and as I will be in the Camp Committee until our Young Women’s President get’s released I’m looking forward to going next year with both Katie and Madison.

Katie’s Favorite Camp Experience Written by Katie:

Hello!My favorite camp experience this year is probably the testimony meeting and when Molly Jackson spoke. I absolutely loved the testimony meeting because some of the girls had shared their perspective on life and how it’s hard, and in the end they all said that they made it through a tough trial through faith and their awesome loving friends that helped them also.

I really loved Molly’s speech, because for me I could really feel the spirit there and could relate that there really is no place like home, which was our theme. She talked about Lucy and how she had made it home/heaven. Molly told us about herself, and how she is now helping a homeless lady on her street. I thought that was awesome that she’s able to do that and help out people in need. Her speech inspired me to be a better person and try to be more helpful wherever I am. 

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