Monday, July 1, 2013

Michael & Sherry’s Family Visit

Last weekend we headed to Pocatello to see Michael & Sherry’s family. We haven’t seen them since Gabriel’s funeral so we were very excited to get to see them. We got there Thursday night then Friday morning saw them and was able to spend most of Friday, Saturday & Sunday with them then said our goodbyes on Monday and headed home.

Saturday was especially special because we got to attend Camron’s Baptism. We had a great luncheon with all Sherry’s family and our family and got some family pictures done at the church.

While we were there the kids kept busy playing at Syringa Elementary and playing games and on all types of electronic devices (which is just par for the course with the Saville family). We ate lots of good food and had plenty of time to visit. What a great time we had and how wonderful it was to see them and how the kids have grown. It makes me sad that the kids don’t get to grow up together but I’m so thankful that when they see each other they pick up like there’s been no time in between visits. We miss all those Texas cousins, Aunts & Uncles so much but we’re so glad when we get to see them.

We tried to get a cousin pic on the slide with the oldest at the bottom then in age order all the way up. The poor kiddos were troopers for being so squished together. I really love the one with them on the playground equipment though.

Saville 1

IMG_1478.JPG (2)

Saville's Camron's Baptism 012

It’s almost impossible to get one “perfect” picture with this many kids, but I LOVE all their cute little faces.

Saville's Camron's Baptism 017

Saville 2

We all met at Brooklyn’s Playground on Monday and played, ate lunch and said our goodbyes it was fun and sad all at the same time.

Saville 3

David got this picture of Isaac and I just love it!

Saville's June 2013 009

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