Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day Weekend

For the 4th of July this year we decided to go back to Idaho, having been greatly disappointed in the Fireworks we could see from the hill here in Utah last year. We left on Wednesday night and got to town lateish so we went and visited with Richard and Melinda’s Family while we ate Panda Express.

We stayed at Gary & Colleen’s and on the morning of the 4th we got up and went to the Pocatello 4th of July Parade. We were not pleased with the Parade it was over crowded and people were standing in the street in front of us when we arrive almost 2 hours early for our seat. Although my SIL did manage to get some to move from right in front of our kids it still wasn’t pleasant and we missed a good portion of the parade.

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After the parade we went to Richard and Melinda’s for a fantastic BBQ. David made our favorite JalapeƱo Steaks and there were a lot of other yummy items available.

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After Lunch/Dinner we all went to see Despicable Me 2. The kids loved it and it was ok but I still like the first one better. Then we all met at the Bate’s Family’s Backyard to watch The Biggest Show in Idaho’s Fireworks. At first we weren’t sure we were going to get to see any because the weather wasn’t cooperating but then the wind died down and we saw a pretty good show. It was nice this year because we got to watch them with Gary & Colleen, my Parents, Ben, Sam, (Sam’s brother Robert) & Alex and Alice & Bryan. Plus all the Bates who we love and miss.
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On July 5th we got up and picked up a dozen blue balloons, a dozen blue roses and KFC. Then we headed to the Lava Hot Springs Cemetery. We like to have a picnic with Gabriel on his Angelversary every year but this year worked out better to go the week before since we were already there. We had a good lunch and took some cute pictures. Then we got ready to release the balloons and one of Katie’s popped so the water works began. Then we got her another one because Isaac only wanted one and we thought we were golden. Except unannounced to me Katie tied hers together and when we released them they went straight for the power lines. Everyone’s went through fine but Katie’s got stuck in the lines. We all started to cry some more knowing how much they meant to her. But it was out of our hands so I told her that maybe the wind would work them free. As we left I saw that they were still there but when we got home I heard Jenna tell Katie that she saw them fly into the sky just as we drove away. I don’t think she actually saw that but I let her say it anyway hoping it’d make Katie feel better. I love it when my kids try to protect or cheer each other up. I’ve really been struggling this last week and just before we left the Cemetery I just sat on Gabie’s spot and sobbed and told him how much I missed him. I sat there at least 10 minutes crying it was good to have that release but it still hasn’t been enough I guess because I’m still really struggling.

Gabriel’s Blue Roses

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At Gabe’s Picnic

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Angelversary.Picnic.2013.2Gabriel's 3rd Angelversary 026 (2)

When we got back to Pocatello the kids had the Burt girls come over to play games and I think Madison and Isaac got to see Taylor and Tanner Crowder for a minute too.

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I got ready to go to Alice’s baby shower in Soda Springs. I picked up Sam and Alex and we headed out. The weather wasn’t great in face while going across the flats to Soda my rang the Emergency Broadcast signal and told me to find shelter because there was a tornado warning. I just kicked up my speed and got to Alice’s moms a bit faster. The rain was crazy but it really cooled things down and smelled wonderful. The Baby shower was very nice and I’m so glad I was able to be there. LeAnn LaRae is due the 25th of July but I know her mama’s hoping she comes any day now. I don’t have any pictures of that either so I’ll have to steal some from my mom when she get them up or email’s me a few. I’m so excited for Matt & Alice to have this baby girl!

After I dropped Sam off we were all just too tired to do anything we visited with Mom and Dad Saville then went to bed semi-early. Got up and I ran a few errands with Melinda and Sarah then we headed home. My next post will cover the rest of the weekend ie. David’s 38th Birthday.

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