Monday, July 1, 2013

I Can Breathe Finally

So if you didn’t guess from all my recent posts June was a very very busy month. We were in Idaho more weekends than we were home in Utah. All the reasons we were in Idaho were wonderful reasons. We had 2 Baptisms, a High School Graduation, visited Gabriel over Memorial Weekend, A Egley Family Camping Trip and a mini Saville Family Reunion. But I’m so glad June is over! I found myself just wanting to be at home relaxing. Our weeks kinda went like this work 3-4 days pack leave come home repeat. That is just too much traveling in one month for my sanity and my checkbook. We have one last trip to Idaho this weekend for the 4th of July and then we are done!! I’m so glad I’ll have the chance to be home during July since July is usually stressful anyway.

Yesterday we went to our home Ward for Church for the first time in a while and although I have to admit I was tempted to just skip I’m so glad we have such an amazing Ward that we were not able to skip. The girls were asked to sing A Childs Prayer for a Primary Training Meeting and needed to Practice right after the block. At about 10AM our Ward Choir Director dropped off some music and ask Katie and I to please come sing with the Choir during Sacrament and on Saturday night David noticed a message asking Madison to give a talk in Primary. It was so nice to be needed. I love singing with the choir but haven’t been able to for a while so it was so nice to sing in Sacrament. Madison wrote a great talk on Heavenly Father’s plan through Baptism. And the Girls sang beautifully at the Primary meeting, they even made me cry. (which really isn’t that hard when it comes to my kiddos.)

Now we’re on to July which I hope is a good month. I expect to be a bit emotional with Gabriel’s 3rd Angelversary this month but hopefully with being able to be at home will help the month be less stressful. I want to focus on having fun with my kiddos and relaxing with my hubby. We’ll be in Idaho this weekend and plan on having a picnic at Gabie’s spot on Friday since we won’t be up to Lava on the 12th. Then on the 12th it’s our Ward’s Temple Night which David and I think will be a good place for us on that day. Unless we’re too emotional then it may be a difficult place to be just because the spirit is so strong there we may sob through the whole session. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Also this month I’m hoping to plan a block pot luck/barbeque it’d be nice to get together with all our neighbors.

Here’s hoping for a relaxing July:)

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