Monday, July 1, 2013

Father’s Day/Egley Campout

Father's Day Camping Trip 154

The weekend of Fathers Day we went to Bear Creek Campground up by Palisades Reservoir and camped for 2 nights with all the Egley Family.

Father's Day Camping Trip 007

I surprised David with a Smith & Wesson M&P .40. He’s been wanting a gun for quite some time so I just decided to get him one. After seeing what Cabela’s had and calling several brothers and my dad for advice this was the gun I ended up with. David likes it and was mostly surprised but not completely because he saw one of my text’s to Chet about it.

Katie also put together a 37 reasons we love you book for David and a 54 reason’s we love you book for my dad. David liked his but my Dad really loved his and greatly appreciated it. There were at least 3 note cards from everyone in the whole family telling our Dad/Husband & Grandpa why we loved him. He read the whole thing then shed a few tears while he gave me a big hug. Of course all us girls teared up then and Dad told David that we have a good bunch of kids. Really it wouldn’t have been so amazing a gift if Katie hadn’t made all her Uncles sit and write their 3 cards. It was an awesome idea that she pulled off and he loved.

Father's Day 1

We went on a hike with Ben, Sam and Justin and the girls, Isaac and Justin Dunked their heads with David.

Father's Day Camping Trip 094

We went down to the reservoir one day and played for awhile. It wasn’t as warm as I had hoped it’d be and the water was cold & dirty but the kids loved it and had lots of fun. Honestly I had planned on upper 80’s weather instead it was upper 70’s and down to 33 at night. We didn’t bring enough blankets so the first night was cold but the kids slept ok because Grandma Egley and Aunt Stacy were more prepared than I and shared their extra blankets. The 2nd night was much better.

Father's Day 2

Father's Day 3

Mom and Dad got a Razor for Mom’s Birthday so we all got a chance to ride/drive it. Grandpa taught Katie and Madison how to drive it then let Katie drive her and Madison on a ride by themselves near camp. David and I took it up the canyon a ways and it was nice to get out and away and see the beautiful area.

On our way home we almost ran into a mama moose and her calf. We tried to get a picture but through the dirty van windows we didn’t really have a chance, and the calf ran straight into the woods right in front of her mama so we didn’t get a picture of her at all.

Father's Day 4

It was a fun trip!


The Butterfly that Madison found above. And Below random Campfire pics.


The picture of me (who knows what I was doing or saying). I do love playing with my niece Paytin and then there is Paytin and Audrina (cute sisters). Chet and Alice look angry! Ben just looks like his usual and I wonder if David is thinking “why are you taking pictures of me eating mom?” Camping with the Egley’s is always interesting and so much fun.


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