Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Assortment of Pictures

Madison did a report on Dolly Madison for School and she had to dress up and participate in a wax museum. She did great!


Katie’s Friends had a Shaving Cream Party the Last Day of School. They had a lot of fun!


Katie & Madison Got New dresses Memorial weekend. They’re getting too grown up.


Memorial Weekend/Sarah’s Graduation Dinner w/Saville’s


We all Love baby Alexander!!



The kids playing Ninja Destruction & My Girls Night Out we went to The Host and to Dinner. It was so much fun!


The Walsh Family sent us these shirts that they wore for their Donate Life Run/Walk 5K. We Love them and will probably wear them in our 5K end of August.


We have really enjoyed this deep fryer!


Jenna tore a hole in her ear a while back we were worried about it healing but it looks just like new now. We couldn’t get it to stop bleeding so we used Super Glue to seal it and it worked great!


New Walk Out Basement Stairs!

IMG_1514.JPG (2)

The Girls Camp Kick Off “There’s no place like Home”

IMG_1529.JPG (2)

We loved that all the Saville Boy’s were playing on tablets and the girls were playing card games.

IMG_1502.JPG (2)

Most of the Saville Cousin’s June 2013
(Only missing the Burstedt Boys)

IMG_1505.JPG (2)

Some hair clips we made for the girls and an outfit for Matt & Alice’s LeAnn when she get’s here.


Our first trim to Seven Peaks Water Park we had a lot of fun!


Katie made these cute Dum Dum topiaries for two of her friends. Then one of the friends brought her a chocolate house that she really enjoyed! The other friend also brought her some Hershey’s Bars and left her some cute sidewalk chalk graffiti while we were out of town.


My sweet kids brought me lunch at work one day.


When we went to Boise Bailey and Joe wouldn’t let David sit down with his iPad without climbing on his lap to play games. And David looks great in his wig.


On our way home we saw 1500 Motorcycles on a ride for Veterans. The pictures aren’t great but it was cool to see.


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