Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dance Festival 5/24/13

I am so far behind it’s become overwhelming to even think about trying to catch up so these next several posts will probably not be fantastic but at least they will be recorded for our family Journal.

Sage Hills Elementary did a Dance Festival this year for the end of the school year instead of a field day. It was really fun to go and watch all the kids doing the dances.

Madison’s Class 5th Grade Danced to Boot Scoot & Boogie
It was fun to watch Madison because I danced this line dance so many times in High School and loved it every time.

Madison Dance Festival 


Jenna’s Class 3rd Grade Danced to Life is a Highway
My poor Isaac cried during Jenna’s whole Dance because it’s the CARS song and that’s Gabie’s Movie. I have to say I always shed a tear or 10 when I hear it too. But I felt so bad for my sweet boy who misses his baby brother so much. :(

Jenna Dance Festival


Isaac’s Class 1st Grade Danced to 5-0

Isaac Dance Festival


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