Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boise 2013

We went to Boise the first weekend of June to visit Steven and Kayla’s family for a very important event. Alexa celebrated her 8th Birthday in May so on June first she was Baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by her dad and then given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Before her Baptism her mom and dad put on a fantastic Birthday Party in their backyard. I helped make cupcakes the night before and David helped Steven set up a shooting range. The kids were able to die handkerchiefs, shoot BB Guns, Play Animal Pictionary, Jump on the trampoline, swing on the fun tree swings and etc. Alexa had several friends come and several cousins too. Then we all relaxed for a while and then went to the Church for the Baptism. It was a nice Baptism and the fastest one I’ve ever been to. Like 20 min maybe. Alexa did great and so did her dad, she did have to be dunked twice because her toe didn’t go under I think. She was so cute just giggling because she went twice.

We had a great weekend and a lot of fun. We were able to see Steven and Kayla’s new house which is very nice and their 1 acre yard which is awesome! We loved talking to Bailey she is so funny and has such a big personality. She and Joe wanted to play on the iPad’s all weekend and play games with Uncle David. One conversation between Bailey and David went a little like this.

David’s quietly reading on his iPad when Bailey comes up to him and says “what ya doin” He said reading she said “I want to Play a game” he said “well you’ll have to wait a while until I finish” she waited patiently for a couple minutes while talking and telling David something then said “are you done yet?” Of course he said no and laughed because he hadn’t read anything because he was listening to her talk to him. In the end he quit reading and put her on his lap to play a game. Isaac loves playing with Joe and Alexa and Jenna have so much fun too. We only wish we lived closer to them so we could see them more often.


Steven had these cool motorcycles that we took a picture of to show my brothers. Steven said they’ll only go about 25 mph but they are built to go anywhere in any type of terrain.

Alexa's Birthday & Baptism 051

Also I’m not sure which weekend in June it was but one weekend we saw these Black Hawk Helicopter's landing just outside of Brigham City and David loves them so we got some pictures of them.

Black Hawks

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