Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last Weekend!

I feel like I’m getting slower and slower on getting this blog updated. It’s still easy to do but my life seems to just be getting busier and busier.

Last weekend we started the weekend out with my Birthday dinner. We had my Birthday coupon for a free dinner at Tucano’s with the purchase of another meal. We also had 2 $25 gift cards from our curb referrals. So David and I had a wonderful dinner for free. That’s one of the best Birthday dinners I think I’ve ever had since is cost us nothing except a couple dollars tip.

While at dinner our great neighbors the Tew’s picked up 2 trees for us at Costco and 2 for themselves as well. On Saturday morning David and I got up and drove to the Salt Lake City Temple for the Sealing of Carissa Arnold and Jayce Penman. Carissa is my good friend Raquel’s oldest child. The Sealing was beautiful and I learned a lot from their Sealer. David and I talked about how we’ve learned more from every Sealing be been to than we did from our own. I think at your own your just too nervous to take too much away besides the excitement of being Eternally Sealed to your Spouse. After the Sealing we gave our love and congrats to the couple and headed home.

Temple square

Once home we started digging two big holes for our new trees. Ty Tew already had their trees in the hole so he came and visited with us while we dug. Pretty soon Josh & Abbie Webster started on holes for their trees and David told Josh that as soon as we were done he’d bring over our pick axe. Ty used the pick axe first and it made digging those holes in our very rocky soil so much easier. Right about the time we finished then the Hibbits down the street started planting their trees and yesterday the Riders finished planting theirs. Now 5 houses down our street all have two Flowering Pear Tree’s in the parking strip. It was fun to be out working with our neighbors and visiting as we worked. It made me realize once again how blessed we are to have moved to this area. We love all our neighbors so much and couldn’t ask for better.

plant a tree

When we finished planting our trees we got packed and headed to Lava Hot Springs for Alexander’s Baby Blessing. We went to my mom and dad’s and Ben and Sam were there too. We were able to visit with everyone and I got to cuddle Alex for 3 hours. It was nice to just relax with family and hold that sweet baby. On Sunday we all got ready for church Aunt Stacy and I got Alex dressed in record time and then headed down to the Church. Ben gave Alex a beautiful blessing and got a little choked up but we could still understand all he said. Since it was Fast and Testimony meeting my Dad got up and bore his Testimony. I didn’t cry at all until then and as soon as he stood up to walk to the pulpit the tears started flowing. I really can’t remember the last time my dad bore his Testimony of the Gospel. So being able to be there and hear the things he knew greatly touched my heart. Mathew had to work so I’m sad he missed this rare moment but all 4 of the rest of us kids were there and I hope my 3 brothers were touched as I was and are able to remember the things Dad said and take them to heart.

After Sacrament meeting we all went to the Lava Hot Springs Grade School and had a great lunch with our family and Sam’s family. It was nice to be able to visit and have a meal with so many people I love. Then we cleaned up and went to mom and dad’s and packed up and headed home.

These are the only two pictures I got all weekend in Idaho. I need to do better next time we’re all together.


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Your neighborhood seems like a great place to live!!