Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Isaac’s Spotlight Week

This is Isaac’s Spotlight week! We made a poster for him and it was so much fun to look at all his great picture. On Wednesday his class will get to ask him all sorts of questions to get to know him better.


Isaac said that his classes favorite picture was the one of him naked in the dump truck. That’s one of my favorites too. Isaac’s teacher also asked me to write a letter to him that she can read to the class. This is the letter I wrote.

When Isaac was born our family was so excited. Isaac is the first boy in our family and after having 3 girls his dad and I couldn’t be prouder to have a special baby boy to bring home.

Isaac add all those boy things to our house like superhero's, cars and truck, video games rough housing and plenty of noise. Isaac is almost always happy and he’s always ready to help anyone out if he can. Isaac doesn’t hardly ever complain or fight with his sisters and that makes him mom so very happy.

Isaac is also very caring, he is always keeping an eye on all the girls in his family to see if they need a hug or if they are sad. Especially after Isaac’s baby brother Gabriel died Isaac always makes his mom smile on the days when she is sad and missing Gabriel most.

We all love Isaac so much and feel so greatly blessed to have him in our family.

Love Mom

To add to his sweetness, with today being my Birthday he told me that his present to me is to do anything I ask him to do. What a perfect present!

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  1. Ha Ha I love the dump truck picture to. I am impressed he let you put that one on it :)