Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Morning..

Easter was a nice Sunday. The kids woke us up eager to go on their egg and basket hunt. They had fun as always. David and I joke with each other about hiding the basket’s because the Easter Bunny never hid my basket but the Easter Bunny always hid his. The kids love their baskets hidden though so I guess that is our family thing.

Katie and I got ready early and went down to practice with the choir. We sang two beautiful songs, one being I Know that my Redeemer Lives. I always struggle with that song since we sang it at Gabriel’s funeral but I made it through. I had to stop and lip sync a few times during practice but when we sang in Sacrament I made it all the way through. It is such a beautiful song and has such great meaning to me I know I will continue to have strong emotions the rest of my life when that song is being sang. Church was nice and I really enjoyed the lessons. Our 3 hour block went by really quickly.

When we got home we all sat down and finished reading the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites book we were on. Then David and I played some Lego Lord of the Rings. We had a wonderful Ham dinner and watched some movies together.

Today started the kids Spring Break. I had to work this morning so I put them to work doing some spring cleaning. They all did a great job and accomplished more than I had expected. Then we all went through toys and clothes in the 3 youngest bedrooms. We ended up filling 4 DI bags and 2 Garbage bags. I wasn’t planning on taking that on today but it’s great to have it done.

I guess now we’ll run some errands and see what the rest of our week brings.


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