Sunday, March 17, 2013

New “to us” Piano

A couple weeks ago my mom called me and told me to look at a Classified Facebook page for the Marsh Valley area. She said there was a Piano for sell on the page that we should look into. I did and sent an offer to the seller right away. After she got back to me we agreed on a price of $600. We were so excited but we decided to keep it a secret from Katie. Although the Piano isn’t “her” piano, right now she is the only one who can play the Piano so it’s mostly for her right now. My mom and dad made a plan to get it down to us. This last Friday night they brought it down to us in dads truck. We had some great neighbors come and help us unload it. Katie was watching TV and was completely clueless as to what was going on. She wasn’t as excited as I had hope she’d be but I she did play several songs the rest of the night so I think she likes it. My mom took several pictures and we took some videos of her playing as well.

Piano (5)

Piano (6)

Piano (8)

The Entertainer

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  1. We also owe a thank you to Estivan Bytendorp, Trent Evens, and your brother Jared Egley for going to Arimo to load it. We couldn't have gotten it to you that weekend without them. I hope she loves playing it. We didn't get much of a reaction from Katie girl. But I was sure excited to hear her play it.